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Our Vision

Alaska English Adventures (AEA) offers a unique opportunity for English language learners to experience Alaska.  This is language immersion with a difference. 

​At AEA our programs take the Alaskan experience to the next level with the inclusion of daily conversational English lessons with multiple opportunities to practice real language with native English speakers.

​Our adventure tours take participants on a journey of discovery through the pristine wilderness that defines Alaska to hand-picked sites that showcase the awesome beauty and rich culture of the Last Great Wilderness

​Camping, hiking, sport fishing, gold panning, whitewater rafting, zip lining, ocean cruising, wildlife viewing, campfire enjoying, and ocean kayaking are a few of the adventures you will enjoy as we tour Alaska’s scenic highways to destinations like Denali National ParkSeward, and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

​At AEA our mission is to educate and inspire, and in that spirit we are committed to cultural exchange and understanding.  We pledge to donate a portion of our annual profits to charities that develop relationships between Alaska and international communities. 

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