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Meet Rocky

1. How did you meet Brad?
Brad called me.  Brad was referred to me by a travel agency in Anchorage when he was looking for Korean travel partners.  We first met at Barnes and Noble Bookstore.  My first impression of Brad was that he was good and I liked his business idea.  I felt I could be partners with Brad in the future.  

2. What made you interested in getting involved with AEA?
Brad and I could make a great partnership in this business.  I could provide transportation for all tours and Korean marketing for Korean students while Brad would run the tours and develop the itinerary.  

3. What do you like most about what AEA does?
I like that the AEA program combines English education with Alaska outdoor adventures.  I think that all students will like this type of program.   

4. What is your relationship/role at AEA?
I am the business partner with Brad at AEA.   

5. What are your past related experiences and how can they help you bring a relevant voice to the AEA staff?
I have run a tour business in Alaska since 2003.  I have lots of experience taking care of students and their families from Korea, China, and Japan.  

6. If someone were considering booking a tour with AEA, what would you tell them to help them to commit to joining the AEA adventure?
We take care of our customers.  AEA will present each tour itinerary in detail so that students will fully understand each tour.  With our team AEA creates a one-of-a-kind experience that students won’t find anywhere else in the world.  

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