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Meet Megan

1. How did you meet Brad?

Thanks to a network of contacts coming from one of my teachers of my tourism technique, I was put in contact with Mr. Brad Schmitz in order to work in collaboration with the latter during my final internship.

2. What made you interested in getting involved with AEA?

I see an opportunity to combine three of my passions: nature, foreign languages and tourism. 

3. What do you like most about what AEA does?

Learning a foreign language takes motivation, devotion and mostly practices. AEA gives all those opportunities for the learner to fully develop their English skills and be in the most beautiful environment. That is what I like the most of AEA.

4. What is your relationship/role at AEA?

I am helping Mr. Brad Schmitz to develop his company by making translation, finding a partnership between Quebec school and the Alaska English Adventure and by creating a new tour. 

5. What are your past related experiences and how can they help you bring a relevant voice to the AEA staff?

Thanks to my language program, I fully understand the difficulty of learning a foreign language. Also, over time, I realized one thing; the best way to learn a language is through interaction and learning vocabularies. Then, I am currently studying tourism. I continue, therefore various trainings in the tourism industry which makes me versatile and useful for a tourism business.

6. If someone were considering booking a tour with AEA, what would you tell them to help them to commit to joining the AEA adventure?

AEA adventure is a unique opportunity to learn and visit the beautiful wildness of Alaska. Alaska is the most impressive state of the world because of his 6 months light and 6 months nights, the beautiful wildlife such as puffin bird, Kodiak bear and the abundance of the salmons in the waters, hiking on glaciers and more… Regarding education, people will have the chance to exchange with anglophone and learn more about the magnificent Alaskan culture.

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